Microsoft expands gaming and Xbox further, buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

The Microsoft deal for the video game giant comes as Activision struggled with a series of complaints about its culture of toxic work.

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January 18, 2022 7:25 A.M. Pt
Some oppendent of Activision Blizzard are not yet satisfied with the Company
Activision makes some of the world’s largest games, including the call of duty.

Microsoft has carried out its largest purchase on Tuesday, announcing an agreement to take over Giant Giant Activision Blizzard video overload, in an agreement entirely in cash rated at $ 68.7 billion. The move will make Microsoft the third producer of Microsoft video games the largest third in the world giving him the control of some of the most popular games ever made, including the call of duty war simulation series and the fantasy Behemoth World of Warcraft.

“Together with Activision Blizzard, we have an incredible opportunity to invest and innovate to create the best content, community and cloud for players,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a conference call with investors Tuesday.

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Both companies have launched the agreement, which is due to close a few times in the next 18 months, as an opportunity to grow their respective franchises in the highly competitive and profitable video game sector. “This is not short-term results,” said Microsoft Phil Spencer’s game head, on the call. “We have seen the activision blizzard product roadmap and are incredibly excited about what teams are creating and the company’s pipeline for many years to come.”

With Activision Blizzard, Microsoft hopes to place it as one of the next leading entertainment companies, despite the reputation of Actijoon for a toxic work culture. Although Microsoft has long been associated with its Windows and Office Productivity software, the company has constantly expanded its efforts to conduct the video game industry with its Xbox brand. And he believes that Activision represents a key investment in his game future.

Microsoft has launched its pending Activision purchase, along with previous acquisitions such as Fallout and Doom Maker Bethesda, as a central to its effort to build in a Netflix company, investing heavily in the content that convinces people to pay the subscriptions. “As our platform becomes more attractive, the flywheel of content and players creators accelerates as the creative range on our platform continues to expand,” Spencer said.

The company plans to use Activision games in different ways. Microsoft sees the games like the Puzzler of Activision Candy Crush Saga as a way to help him expand into mobile games. Meanwhile, you can use titles like Hit Action Adventure Diablo and Call of Duty games and the Fantasy Shooting Series Overwatch series to strengthen your game of $ 15 a month Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Subscription Service and Cloud game efforts.

While the agreement offers a significant opportunity for Microsoft, it arrives at a time of an intense survey for Activision, which has been bogged down in scandal, addressing accusations of discrimination against his female employees and to foment a culture of the workplace ” Frat Boy “. The accusations have warmed up this summer when the Department of the Equial Department and the California Housing has sued the company on accidents, including alleged discrimination and harassment. In September, the employment opportunity of employment has accused of violating the civil rights of employees, subjecting them to sexual harassment, discrimination of pregnancy and retaliation. Activision Blizzard quickly settled with the EEOC for $ 18 million.

Among the investigators and activism of employees, the CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick was accused of ignoring and promoting these problems, leading to invitations to decrease.

Microsoft said he plans to keep the Kotick responsible for Activision Blizzard, reporting to Spencer, that the company was launched as a successful cultural change agent. “As Microsoft’s CEO, the culture of our organization is my priority n. 1,” said Nadella, recalling the efforts that is made to soften the historically cutting ways of the company. “We must continually improve the experienced experience of our employees and create an environment that allows us to constantly guide the daily improvement in our culture. This is a hard work. Requires consistency, footage

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